How to change a cellar gas?

Any gas cylinder, despite its capacity, the frequency of use and the power of your appliances, will be eventually exhausted. The moment dreaded by many will, therefore, arrive that of changing the cellar gas.

Although it may seem tricky, everyone is able to change their cellar gas autonomously. Although this task is easy, it does require you to take some precautions. See our safety tips for handling compressed gas for more details.

The necessary materials you will need to change cellar gas are as follows:

•   a regulator adapted to your bottle

•   your new gas bottle

•   a new connection joint

Here are the steps to follow to change your cellar gas:


1. Safety checks

Before any change of a gas cylinder, some safety rules must be observed: do not use pliers, this may damage the connection joint. Make sure that the expiration date of your connection pipe is not exceeded. Check that your hoses are in excellent condition using a foaming product or a gas leak detector aerosol. Make sure that the gas supply valve is operable at all times and that the room has non-obstructed air vents.

The legislation requires the replacement of potentially hazardous rubber-soldered taps or hoses with flexible hoses with integrated automatic shut-off valves. Check that your hoses meet the current standards. Your gasket must be specific to the type of gas you use.

Change the seals of the connecting pipes regularly. Storage of gas cylinders in an inappropriate area is strictly forbidden, please ensure that your gas cylinders are stored appropriately.

After performing all of the above checks, you can complete your gas cylinder change safely by following these steps.


2. Remove your old bottle

Separate the connector between the regulator and the cylinder by unscrewing it. You can take this opportunity to check the expiration date of your hose connector. Close this valve if the bottle is equipped. Remove the empty bottle from its location for easier access to the gas supply valve.


3. Prepare your new bottle

Unscrew the carrying handle. Then remove the protective plastic end cap from the outlet valve. Your bottle is ready to be connected.


4. Change your seal

To avoid any risk, it is strongly advised to change the seal with each bottle replacement. To do this, unscrew your connector pipe, then screw it back once your joint has been replaced.


5. Connect the hose to the new bottle

Connect the hose to the appliance. Screw the regulator to the hose. Attach the regulator to the valve outlet.


6. Perform a leak test

Open the faucet, then the cylinder valve and reset the regulator. Perform a leak test on the various fittings with soapy water or a test product. Replace your bottle in its compartment. Your bottle is now ready for use.


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