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Beer gas cylinders

The CO2 Gas Company provides a full range of cellar gas and all our cylinders are regularly maintained to British industry standards. Our 10l mixed gas cylinders operate at the maximum pressures used in the industry today, meaning a cool, frothy pint with a creamy head every time.

Carbon Dioxide: C02

Mass (kg) Water capacity (litre) Height
(mm, approx)
(kg, approx)
Pressure Keg/cyl ratio
empty full
6.35 8.47    810 9  15 50 12-18
34 47.2 1500 50 84 50 65-100

Carbon Dioxide/Nitrogen: C02/N2

CO2 (%) Water capacity (litre) Height
(mm, approx)
(kg, approx)
Pressure Keg/cyl ratio
empty full
30 10 810 17.3 21.3 200 9-14
50 10 810 17.3 21.3 200 10-12
60 10 810 17.3 21.3 180 11-14
30 47.2 1500 50 74 200 40-65
50 47.2 1500 50 74 200 50-60
60 47.2 1500 50 74 180 50-60

Cellar equipment and maintenance

Our state-of-the-art equipment saves your time, money and space.


We supply and install a range of gas regulators for maintaining carbonation and pressure in the dispense of draft beer and postmix drinks. As part of our service, our team of technicians will survey your cellar and advise on the best solutions.


CO2 blenders are regulated to industry standards of 30% and 60%. Our compact wall mounted panels can easily be installed in the  pub cellar creating ideal beer dispensing conditions.

Further benefits include:

  • Fewer gas cylinders are needed, freeing up cellar space
  • Accurate gas mixture ensures an excellent beer quality
  • Simple and easy training for staff
  • Reduced handling saves time and improves safety.

Postmix Systems

Our wide range of beverage dispensing systems includes supplying and installing the latest and best industry equipment. Meanwhile, our sister company CO2 Drinks is a provider of high quality drinks syrups.

Technical Advice

Our specialists are able to survey and assess your requirements for equipment update.