What we do

CO2Gas offers compressed carbon dioxide gas and liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) in a variety of purities and concentrations.

The reason that a glass of beer is always sparkling much more dramatically than any other alcoholic beverage is because of the gas imbalance between beer and the atmosphere is created, beer gas that tries to leave but being a liquid so the dense foam is created.

No matter how big or small your business is, we can offer you quality gas cylinders at affordable prices, searching for a more cost-effective cellar and beer gas solution has just got easier. We have been in the business since 1998 and ever since we have offered a ‘no rental on cylinders’ policy – a strategy that has made us number one CO2 gas supplier in London.

We are known to provide high quality, mixed beer gas solutions. Here is a list on what it does!

– Improves the taste of beer
– extends the life of draught beers
– improves the overall presentation of your beer

These factors play a key role especially when you manage a pub/bar business – your customers favorite draught beers will be of high quality, CO2Gas not only supplies quality cellar gases and beer gas, but we help boost your business and ensure your customers are receiving the best product. To enhance your drinking experience our cellar gas service includes a combination of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen, it is easy and safe to use and handle. We have our products tried and tested by our industry experts and professionals before the release through merchants.

We are the best supplier for drinks dispense gas, cellar gas and cellar gas equipment in London and the South-East!

– Regular and Reliable Deliveries
– Supply through London and South East
– Competitive Prices
– Technical Advice and Installation

We won’t just deliver you your product and leave, our dispensing experts all possess the technical knowledge, they will give you professional advice and help you with the cellar gas equipment and installation.


Gas Regulators

We supply and install a range of gas regulators for maintaining carbonation and pressure in the dispense of draft beer and postmix drinks. As part of our service, our team of technicians will survey your cellar and advise on the best solutions.

Co2 Blenders

CO2 blenders are regulated to industry standards of 30% and 60%. Our compact wall mounted panels can easily be installed in the pub cellar creating ideal beer dispensing conditions.

Further benefits include:

– Fewer gas cylinders are needed, freeing up cellar space
– Accurate gas mixture ensures an excellent beer quality
– Simple and easy training for staff
– Reduced handling saves time and improves safety.

We are born thinkers of all those who enjoy drinking beer, we offer quality product and the drink always remain attractive, provocative and of course with all health measures that comply with food standards.

Competitive Pricing

Our deliveries are safe; accessory and service offer fast and accurate installation. In emergencies, we also have highly trained staff, which not only work as cellar gas suppliers but also as repairmen in an emergency with a gas dispenser.

The gas dispensers offer quality to the product, for sellers to achieve success and prestige in their occupational fields. Co2Gas Company aims to provide the best service at a competitive cost because we are leaders in our field.